How To Measure Handicap In Baseball Betting.

Sports betting is a great way to engage with a sport if you are a fan. As long as you are playing legally, you can have a great time predicting the outcome of games and estimating the handicap that teams will have against one another. Baseball is different than other sports when it comes to […]

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Why Do Awesome Batting Helmets Protect Just One Ear?

The safety practices in many sports have changed a number of times throughout history. Luckily baseball is not as dangerous as many other sports, so it does not have to have as many changes as others such as football. The only real changes have been to pitchers and batter helmets. Batter helmets are necessary because […]

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What Is The ERA In Baseball Mean?

When I first got serious into baseball, I had a few stumbling blocks. There was a lot of information to learn many new concepts to get a grasp of. One of the more challenging things to comprehend is all of the statistics and what importance they all have. If you have the same struggles as […]

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