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What Is The Deal With Gold Chains In Baseball?

If you have ever watched baseball, you have probably noticed there are many things that are common in the baseball community. Baseball has a very strong culture and trends spread among players and have a way of working their way into the behaviors of the entire sport. A good example of this is the spread […]

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How Weather Actually Has A Strong Effect On Baseball.

Baseball is played all over the country. Different regions have vastly different weather patterns and even at the same time of year. Different teams practice in different conditions and take that training all across the country. So what kind of difference does the weather make on baseball games? I was surprised to learn about exactly […]

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What Is The History Of Baseball And Tobacco?

In the heyday of baseball, there was one product that was almost synonymous with the sport. Chewing tobacco has a long history in Major League Baseball and is ingrained in the culture. I always wondered how the tie between the two started, and how the culture of the sport has been changed by the association […]

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